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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy an APU?

Answer: We are so glad you asked. In the APU industry, it is widely understood that the reasons for owning an APU speak for themselves. An APU enables fleets to comply with Anti-Idle Laws while saving significantly on one of their largest expenses – Fuel. APU’s are designed to reduce main-engine idling by supplying the comforts and conveniences of Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Power via a system that burns much less fuel per hour, typically paying for itself within 9-18 months.

So… Why should you buy an APU from ACEMCO Power Systems?

Answer: At ACEMCO Power Systems, the customer is our priority. Thus, it is our mission to provide the absolute best value in the industry to our customers. For us, this means more than building an APU from high-quality materials and components. Offering superior value means our promise to deliver the entire package: Dedicated Customer Support, Online Technical Resources, Regional Service Networks, Next-Day Replacement Parts, Installation Support, and more. All for a very respectable price. That’s Value and that’s Our Promise.

What makes up the Acemco Power Unit?

Answer: The ACEMCO Power Unit is a simple system based on proven automotive technologies and high-quality components. Our APU uses a 3-cylinder Isuzu Diesel Engine, 220Amp Hybrid Alternator, Sanden AC Compressor, and Digital Control System. This combination of components and workmanship enables us to provide an easy to service, non-intrusive APU.

What do you mean when you say your APU is “Non-Intrusive”?

Answer: “Non-Intrusive” means the ACEMCO Power Unit uses its own Engine Coolant and HVAC systems, and operates its own Heavy Duty Alternator. The APU only connects to the Truck’s battery-bank and fuel-supply. This equates to an easier, cleaner, and faster installation.

“Non-Intrusive” also means that if your main engine leaves you stranded on a July day in South Texas, or a February night in Northern Michigan, your APU will be fully operational to supply you with safe cab temperatures and electrical power. On the flip-side, should your APU become inoperable, you can Keep on Truckin’ while we work quickly to help you restore the APU’s function.

How much fuel does the ACEMCO Power Unit consume?

Answer: Testing has shown the rate of fuel consumption averages 0.30 gal./hr. based on load demands. 

How loud is the ACEMCO Power Unit?

Answer: Extensive use of sound deadening materials, combined with a quiet running 3-Cylinder Isuzu Diesel results in minimal noise levels. The ACEMCO Power Unit has been tested in the field and in the lab and has been rated at 59 Decibels at 21 feet under full load.

Additionally, our 3-Cylinder Isuzu Diesel allows us to operate our APU at a lower engine speed(RPM) and at the peak of the engine’s torque-band. Most importantly for you, this means a quiet running APU that smoothly transitions when engaging loads from inverter or AC usage.

How much does it weigh?

Answer: The ACEMCO Power Unit weighs 475 lbs (* Dry weight of APU.) plus 35lbs for Bunk mounted HVAC System.


Does the installation require complex wiring?

Answer: No

Do you have a customer call-in process?

Answer: Customer Service is our number one priority. You can reach our staff by toll-free number (877) 810-6555 or by emailing Please have your registration information available.

How long from order to delivery?

Answer: Our facility is geared to meet your needs. With in-house manufacturing capabilities and a well-managed supply-chain, we are capable of delivering your new APU in short-order. Please contact us directly for current inventories and lead-times. Order-to-Delivery will be subject to order quantity, but rarely exceeds 30 days.

Can the ACEMCO Power Unit help improve engine starts in cold weather?

Answer: Our APU is Non-Intrusive, so it does not heat the coolant system of the main tractor engine. However, our APU supports an Oil Pan Heater to improve Main Engine Starting during cold temperatures. We will be offering a Cold-Start Package to meet these needs.

Can the ACEMCO Power Systems APU unit be moved from one tractor to another?

Answer: The non-intrusive design of the ACEMCO Power Unit means that the Truck’s systems are left intact during installation. Therefore, removing the APU is possible without requiring any major operations or repairs on the Truck’s systems.

Does the ACEMCO Power Systems APU require the use of “under the bunk” storage space?

Answer: Yes. Our system requires the HVAC unit be installed beneath the bunk. Our HVAC unit measures 20” (W) x 15” (D) x 9”.