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Specs - Digital Control System


OUR State-of-the-Art controller makes the ACEMCO Power Unit the smartest, most convenient-to-own APU on the market.  Simplifying the entire system, our user-friendly digital controller gives you total control and industry-leading comfort.


  • Push-button Start / Stop with automatic Glow-plug operation
  • Full Time APU Status Monitoring with Automatic Shut-Down Protection
  • Built-In Digital Diagnostic Features and On-Screen Messages
  • Digital HVAC Temperature Monitoring and Control
  • Automatic Start for Low Batttey Voltage
  • Automatic Start to maintain Safe Cab Temperatures
  • 7-Day Programmable Auto-Start/Stop Events
  • Engine Hour meter with Service interval count-down
  • Back-Lit LCD Display and LED Status Indicators



  • Automatic Start / Stop for Low Battery Voltage, 7-Day Events, and Safety Modes
  • Winter Cab Mode:  Heats cab to 55 deg. F if cab temp falls below 40 deg. F
  • Cab Safety Mode:  Heats cab to 55 deg. F if temp falls below 20 deg. F
                                Also, Cools cab to 85 deg. F if cab temp reaches 115 deg. F



  • Temporarily disable Auto-Mode to prevent all auto-start features