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Specs - Auxiliary Power Unit


  • ISUZU 3-Cylinder Diesel
  • Operating at 2400 RPM, yielding 16.9Hp and 37 lb-ft torque (< 70% of Max RPM and peak of torque-band)

Emissions / Environmental:

  • US EPA TIER II Emissions Compliant.
  • Smartway Verified.

APU Dimensions:

  • Height: 29.0”
  • Width: 24.5”
  • Depth: 28” from frame rail (38” overall)

APU Weight:

  • 475lbs (Dry). Does not Include Cables, Hoses, or HVAC Unit

FUEL Consumption:

Average 0.30 gal / hour based on load & operating conditions. Fuel consumption will vary based on load climate,operating altitude, and proper APU Maintenance.


Battery Charging / Maintenance:
  • When the system voltage drops below the Low Voltage Set-point, the APU will start automatically to charge the system / maintain proper voltage. (Auto-Mode must be enabled)


  • 220 AMp Hybrid alternator instant-on  (Maximum power performance maintained consistently under heavy loads and at high operating temperatures.)

110V Power Supply

  • System designed to support the use of an inverter to provide for your 110V electrical needs.

Operating Modes:

Auto-Mode (Default):

  • Automatic Battery Charging / System Voltage Maintenance
  • Custom Programmable 7-Day Events (Run Times)
  • Cab Temperature Monitoring (Extreme Temp Safety Modes)

Manual Mode:

  • Option to disable all Auto-Mode features.

Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Sanden AC Compressor (R134a)
  • Water-Based Heating (from APU engine)
  • Independent HVAC Unit (Height: 9.0” Width: 20.0” Depth: 15.0”)
  • Heating Performance Capacity (BTU)*: 27,000 (avg)
  • AC Performance Capacity (BTU)*: 27,000 (avg)
  • Air Flow(CFM)*: LowSpeed: 120cfm; Medium: 145cfm; High: 180cfm

*Rating determined via independent testing by 3rd party lab. Graphical results available.


  • Diamond Plate Aluminum
  • Fully insulated with Sound Dampening material
  • Lockable

Sound Levels

  • Rated at 59dB at 21 feet under full load
  • Noise Dampening features: exhaust Silencer Wrap
  • APU fully insulated with Sound coat material

Quality, Features, and Finish

  • Reliable Digital Control System
  • Anodized Aluminum Pulleys
  • Premium Powder-coating
  • Noise Dampening Materials
  • Quiet & Smooth Operating 3-cylinder Engine
  • SPAL Brushless HVAC Blower & Engine Room Fan
  • Serpentine Belt Drive With Auto-tensioning
  • OEM Quality / Rated Hoses (Fuel, Oil, Heater, AC)
  • High Quality Hardware / Fasteners
  • Diamond-Plate Aluminum Enclosure