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Introducing the ACEMCO Power Unit

ACEMCO Power Systems, born from 66+ years of Automotive Manufacturing Heritage (ACEMCO Inc. 1946), our companies respect value and hard work, solid relationships and attention to detail.  Expanding upon our heritage, ACEMCO Power Systems is proud to manufacture the most robust, highest quality diesel-powered APU on the market.

When you purchase an ACEMCO Power Unit, you are investing in our commitment to a first-class customer experience.  To guarantee your satisfaction, we will always manufacture our APU using the highest quality materials and utmost attention to detail.  In addition, we offer toll-free support and a growing network of installation and service centers.  Working closely with our customers and support network means a stronger community that's ready and willing to support you. 

ACEMCO Power Systems has a singular product focus: to deliver an auxiliary power unit optimized for maximum efficiency for minimum intrusion in your class 8 truck. To any fleet owner, anywhere in North America, the ACEMCO Power System will maximize the relief needed in extreme temperatures, and give you the fuel savings and extended truck engine life needed to support your bottom line. No need for your engine to idle, as this unit will reduce your fuel usage significantly and has a payback structured with less than 12 months of use.  That exclusive focus is what allows us to provide the next tier of innovation and service. It's what makes us the up and coming leader in Auxiliary Power System technology.